Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between private classes and group classes?

For private classes, we will come to your home at a time convenient for you and your partner and cover our childbirth education course in 6 hours, either one longer class or two shorter classes. If you choose a scheduled group class, you will attend all of the classes together with other couples with similar due dates - it's so much fun!

Why should I hire an All in the Nest doula?

One of the things that makes us unique is our style of partnership. We are a family owned business, and when you hire one of us as your doula, you become a part of our family. You are hiring a doula with experience, knowledge, strength, and, most of all, love.

How is a doula different from a midwife?

Your midwife (or Doctor and nurses) are wholly responsible for you and your baby's physical well being. They are the ones checking your blood pressure, heart rate, and temp. They will do your vaginal checks and suggest any medical interventions that may become necessary. Your doula fills a different role, while also offering continous support. A doula gives you emotional support, physical support as far as comfort measures, and informational support to help you progress through your labor journey. We love midwives, and they are an important member of the team. A doula's constant, hands on support allows the midwife to be fresh and ready for the important job of supporting you through delivering your baby.

What are your certifications?

Although it is not necessary to be certified to work as a birth doula, it demonstrates a level of commitment and professionalism that we are proud to have achieved. Both of us are certified as birth doulas through DONA international, and birth and bereavement doulas through Stillbirthday. We also have additional trainings through Spinning Babies, Hypnobabies, and accupressure training through Better Birth 360. It is important to us to keep on learning and staying up to date on evidence based research.

Do you only serve home birth families?

Nope! We are happy to serve you in whatever birth environment you choose - whether that is a hospital, birth center, or home. Your doula is able to help you make any space into your cozy birthing nest.

How will you work as a part of my team?

A doula is your constant pregnancy and labor companion, your birth best friend. Your doula is always available to answer questions and provide information and resources. During labor, your doula will provide hands on physical and emotional support to you and your partner. Doulas never step in the way of dads! We encourage your partner to support you and give them ideas on how best to help. We are great at integrating into a birth team with your partner, care provider, photographer, mother-in-law, cousin, and whoever else you welcome into your birth space.

Why should I take a childbirth education class?

We believe that all women are entitled to pursue the birth they desire and we want to empower you to strive for that birth. Through childbirth education, you will be given the tools to make informed decisions about your labor and birth. Whatever your ideal birth outcome may be, we will help you plan a route to get there through educating you on all things pregnancy through postpartum.

Why do I need postpartum belly binding?

Postpartum belly binding, also known as Bengkung belly binding, is not something new in the birth world. It is a tradition that has been passed down through generations and cultures. It is the art of wrapping a long strip of cloth around your abdomen to support your postpartum body. It trains your organs back into place, encourages good posture, and helps your recovery time. There is no reason to place an expectation on your body to "bounce back" after carrying a baby, after all it took you nine months to make your baby and we should allow at least that much time for recovery! However, it helps so much to feel confident and secure in your body as you navigate all of the newness of motherhood, and belly binding helps!

Do you have a referral for….?

Yes! We have a list of the best providers in the DFW birth world, and would be happy to send you information on chiropractors, pediatricians, acupuncturists, or anything else you could need. So go on, ask away!

What areas do we serve?

We currently serve in hospitals, birth centers, and home births all across the DFW Metroplex. We are nestled in the heart of DFW in Arlington, but have served many clients in Fort Worth, Dallas, Mansfield, Hurst, Grand Prairie, and even as far as Denton and Rockwall. If Joanna Gaines has another baby, we'd be happy to travel to Waco too. ;)