• Tristan Martinez and Gail Wooster

From One Mama to Another

I’m a mama. I have four, grown, wonderful kids, three amazing in-law kids, and two beautiful grandchildren. I love them all and look forward to any more that I will have in my life someday. It’s the best job in the world!

As a doula and childbirth educator, I support expectant and new moms through their own journeys into motherhood, helping them understand the stages and processes involved in carrying and birthing their sweetest blessing. The role of “doula” is a personal and cherished calling for me, and also the best job in the world!

At every stage of development in my children’s lives I remember thinking that it was the best. I loved being pregnant. It was exciting and wonderful each time. I loved giving birth as it made me feel strong and empowered. I loved holding and nursing my babies, it connected me to them in a way I could never describe. I loved watching them learn new things as toddlers. I would cheer for them as they crawled, walked, talked, sang, and especially learned to go potty. I loved seeing them interact with friends as they got older and seeing their true personalities develop. I loved interacting with them as teenagers and walking alongside them as they embraced their passions and callings. And I have loved having adult children who have chosen their own paths. We’ve become such good friends as our relationships have deepened.

I’ve also known loss. My first baby is with Jesus and I still grieve that child. If this is where you are, time helps, but you never forget.

Not all mamas deliver their blessings the same way I did. Some mamas went searching for their children and some mamas were found in other ways. Adoption is such an incredible act of love. Mama’s hearts will find those that need to be mama’d. If this is you, let God fill that space as only He knows how.

Moming isn’t easy, by any stretch of the imagination! It takes your time, your passion, and your unfailing love. It begins with pain through birth, and continues with the pain of letting go through every stage. But it’s so worth it as the joy surpasses any amount of pain experienced on this journey.

Whatever stage of life you’re in right now, I encourage you to embrace it and find joy in it. The season will change quickly and you don’t want to miss a moment of it. And if I can support you at all along the way, it would be an honor. Happy Mama's Day!!

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